Jeanmichel Capt, the Luthier

Jeanmichel Capt, the Brilliant Inventor

A worthy descendant of the famous inventive and creative watchmakers from the Vallée de Joux region, Jeanmichel Capt has developed the Soundboard, the acoustic speaker that revolutionizes the music listening experience. Together with the passionately dedicated entrepreneur Céline Renaud, he created JMC Lutherie SA, a successful company that manufactures guitars and loudspeakers from 350 year-old resonance spruce. This courageous choice has resulted in a magnificent life project combining a passion for nature, for music and for freedom

Possibly because of his keen taste for freedom, Jeanmichel Capt decided to build his own guitar more than 30 years ago. As a guitarist, singer, composer and songwriter, and was looking like many other guitar players, for the ultimate instrument that would procure him complete satisfaction. In a world where we are all dependent in some way, he chose to be free in a field he deeply cherished, namely music. His attempts led him to learn guitar building as a self-taught artisan: first by making his own instruments; and then by gaining a deep understanding of the noble material represented by resonance wood, from which he succeeded in drawing a pure and beautiful sound. He then compared his attempts with well-known guitar builders’ plans, spoke with a lot of colleagues in the business, and in particular submitted his creations to the verdict of some gifted and well-known artists. So far almost 200 guitars have emerged from his skilled hands, to the delight of numerous connoisseurs.

His quest for self-sufficiency has led him to explore all kinds of crafts and professions: tree gatherer, lumberjack, sawyer, guitar builder and musician. He has even ventured into the cutlery trade so as to be able to make his own sharp tools. This is what gives him such inexhaustible joy in living and a very powerful sense of being truly free. "Happiness lies in the journey" is the adage he loves to repeat.
Jeanmichel Capt is constantly in search of new applications for resonance spruce. After various attempts at making folding screens in resonance wood as well as vibrators applied to these panels, the Soundboard was born. The result is an amazing musical climate pervading all open rooms, an intensely physical and omnipresent sound. It is a new way of listening to music that is a revolution in this field. In launching his invention, Jeanmichel Capt has confirmed his cultural heritage and his enduring commitment to his native region.

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